Genie Z-45/25J Boom Lift

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Deutz 48hp T4 (standard), Perkins 48hp Diesel T4, Ford gas/LPG 75hp (both optional)

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Genie Z-45 Boom Lift Information

With an extended reach, models with jibs, and a variety of outstanding performance features, the Genie Z-45 boom lift makes short work of big jobs. The revolutionary Genie Bi-Energy system combines virtually silent, emission-free and efficient operation of a 48V DC machine with the flexibility of a diesel generator powered machine to provide a boom lift that is perfect for many indoor and outdoor applications alike.

Genie Boom Lift Z-45 Features

The Genie Z-45 boom lift’s quick and maneuverable enhanced design helps get you from point A to point B quickly, easily and safely.   The Genie Z-45’s new 6 foot (1.83 m) inside turning radius delivers excellent maneuverability. The Genie Z-45/25J boom lift models are also available with a 6 foot (1.8 m) articulating jib boom to allow a 139-degree range of motion.

Genie Z-45 Drive Features

This two-wheel drive in the Genie Z-45 boom lift is the fastest boom in its class traveling at 3 MPH (4.8 kph) equipped with unsurpassed speed and 30% grade-ability. The advanced design of the Genie Z-45 boom lift also allows ascent and descent moving vertically with or without retraction or extension of the boom lift.

Genie Z-45 Platform Lift Capacity

The Genie Z-45 standard 6 foot (1.8 m) all-steel platform lifts over 500 pounds (227 kilograms). Dimensions of 30 x 72 allow ample space for two workers and their tools. The platform on the Genie Z-45 boom lift features a 180-degree hydraulic rotation for Z-45/25 models and a 160° hydraulic rotation for all Genie Z-45/25J models. The Genie Z-45 boom lift also includes an automatic platform leveling system, with a manual hydraulic override system and an AC power outlet.

Genie Z-45 Ground Controls

The ground controls of the Genie Z-45 boom lift is located at eye level with easy to read controls and includes auxiliary power, key switch, emergency stop, hour meter and all boom functions.  All instructional and safety decals for the Genie Z-45/25J boom lift models are straightforward and conveniently located to be clearly visible, and the drive-enabled system of the Genie Z-45 boom lift also informs the operator when the drive and steer functions will move opposite controller movements.

Adobe Acrobat Reader required PDF documents

Please refer to the OEM operator's manual to confirm any of the specs outlined above before renting, purchasing or operating this equipment.



  • BrandGenie
  • Conditionnew
  • ModelZ-45/25J
  • TypeBoom Lift
  • PowerDiesel or LPG
  • Rough Terrain
  • Articulating
  • Operating Weight22155 lbs
  • Lift Capacity500 lbs
  • Working Height67 ft
  • Platform Height61 ft
  • Horizontal Reach24 ft

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