MEC 3084RT Scissor Lift

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Rough Terrain, 14º side to side and 10º fore and aft oscillation, Quad-Trax 4wd power package giving 45% gradeability

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Model MEC 3084RT Speed Level™ Sigma Lift from CanLift Equipment Ltd.

The 3084RT Speed Level™ Sigma Lift from MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a versatile and invaluable component of any complete work site fleet. With a working platform height of up to 36 feet and a lift capacity of up to 1,500 pounds, the 3084RT is powerful, compact and easily maneuvered into areas that are otherwise inaccessible to many other types of equipment in its class.

Key Features of the Model MEC 3084RT Speed Level™ Sigma Lift

The electronic system that is used to control the 3084RT Speed Level™ Sigma Lift is specifically designed to provide low maintenance and a longer life of all components. The two microprocessor modules that comprise the system are completely protected by reverse polarity technology. Every electrical plug and connection is waterproofed to prevent damage and to enhance the life of the machine.

Versatility and Reliability on the Job Site with the MEC 3084RT

Due to its automatic leveling capability, the MEC 3084RT Speed Level™ Sigma Lift is ideal for work in areas in which rugged terrain and sloping surfaces are prevalent. The extendable non-skid platform surface provides workers, their tools, and any necessary equipment with stability and security, even in the most undesirable of work conditions. The 3084RT is equipped with a powerful dual fuel engine, multi-disc brakes, exceptionally high torque level and zero maintenance bearings, all of which promote superior usability and reliability.

Lift Products and Services from CanLift Equipment Ltd.

The mission of CanLift Equipment Ltd. is to provide our customers with exceptional service, products, and accessories. We are the leading source for scissor, boom and sigma lifts and serve clients from all around the world.

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Please refer to the OEM operator's manual to confirm any of the specs outlined above before renting, purchasing or operating this equipment.



  • BrandMEC
  • Conditionnew
  • Model3084RT
  • TypeScissor Lift
  • PowerDual Fuel or Diesel
  • Rough Terrain
  • Articulating
  • Operating Weight7500 lbs
  • Lift Capacity1500 lbs
  • Working Height36 ft
  • Platform Height30 ft

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