Genie GR-15 Vertical Lift

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Compact design, zero inside turning radius, 30% gradeability, non-marking tires

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Genie GR15 Electric Runabout Lift – Perfectly Formed

If you are searching for lift equipment that will operate in the tightest of spaces, consider the GR15 Runabout Lift.  This small but perfectly-formed runabout lift is ideal for use in warehouses where space is at a premium. The zero inside turning radius makes manoeuvrability a breeze, and the solid rubber non-marking tires make it perfect for indoor use. Ideal for picking stock, transporting goods, and high-level maintenance work, the GR-15 is a good all around vehicle. Easy to operate, this nimble equipment can be driven safely when fully extended, allowing for maximum productivity. Compact in design, it can comfortably squeeze into most passenger elevators and is able to fit through any standard doorway.

GR-15 Runabout Lift from Genie – Keeping it Simple

The GR15 Portable Runabout doesn’t rely on complex gadgetry to manoeuvre. Instead, simplicity is the name of the game. Lifting/lowering and moving/turning are all done using simplified proportional lift and drive controls. In the unlikely event of a power failure, there is auxiliary platform lowering. A hydraulic braking system means it can easily operate on any gradient of up to 30%.

Genie GR-15 Runabout Lift from CanLift Equipment Ltd.

The GR15 is the perfect piece of lifting equipment for use indoors and out. The 6×24 V 225AH battery pack means pollution emissions are non-existent and noise levels are at a minimum. Lightweight to operate, yet powerful enough to take up to 500lbs, it’s easy to see why the GR-15 runabout lift from Genie is so popular. CanLift Equipment Ltd. is an expert in the field of lifting equipment and has a wide variety in stock, to either buy or rent. Why not give us a call to see what we can do for you?

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Please refer to the OEM operator's manual to confirm any of the specs outlined above before renting, purchasing or operating this equipment.



  • BrandGenie
  • Conditionnew
  • ModelGR-15
  • TypeVertical Lift
  • PowerElectric
  • Rough Terrain
  • Articulating
  • Operating Weight2192 lbs
  • Lift Capacity500 lbs
  • Working Height21 ft
  • Platform Height15 ft

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