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    CanLift Equipment Ltd offers a wide range of boom trucks for sale in the USA and throughout North America. With all shapes and sizes of aerial boom lift equipment ranging from 30 to 86 feet, rough terrain 4×4 and both diesel and electric type models, CanLift can get you the right boom lift for the job, no matter what.


    Our network of partners across North America permits us offer our clients a vast range of aerial boom lift equipment at the absolute best prices.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Boom Lifts

    What are boom lifts typically used for?

    Boom lifts are used in various industries to provide a safe and efficient way to reach elevated areas. Boom lifts are versatile machines that find application most often in construction, maintenance, and warehouse operations. In the realm of construction, boom lifts are invaluable for tasks that demand working at considerable heights. The extendable arm allows for both vertical and lateral movement, offering flexibility in navigating around structures with precision.. Boom lifts extend their utility to landscaping and tree maintenance. Gardeners and arborists use them to prune or trim tall trees, eliminating the need for dangerous climbing or unstable makeshift solutions. Boom lifts play a crucial role in diverse industries. The versatility, safety features, and ability to reach elevated areas make boom lifts indispensable on construction work sites, warehouse operations, and innumerable maintenance tasks. Boom lift machines contribute significantly to improved efficiency and safety standards across a wide variety of professional settings.

    What's the max height of boom lifts?

    Boom lifts can reach impressive heights, with the maximum elevation determined by the specific model and design. Boom lifts can extend anywhere from 30 to 185 feet vertically. These machines have a telescoping arm that can extend outward, allowing them to reach elevated points. The height a boom lift can reach depends on factors such as the type of boom lift and its intended use. For instance, articulating boom lifts, with their flexible joints, can navigate around obstacles, while telescopic boom lifts offer straight vertical extension, often reaching higher elevations. It’s important to note that the maximum height of a boom lift doesn’t necessarily translate to a working height. Working height factors in the reach needed for a task, accounting for the height of the worker and the space required for tools or equipment. This consideration ensures that the boom lift meets the practical demands of the job.

    Are boom lifts easy to operate?

    Operating a boom lift is generally easy, as they are designed to be user-friendly. The controls are straightforward and intuitive, with simple buttons and levers. Operators receive training to understand these controls, ensuring they can operate the boom lift safely and efficiently. The simplicity of operation contributes to the widespread use of boom lifts across various industries. Training programs emphasize the basic functions, teaching operators how to elevate, lower, and move the machine both vertically and horizontally. This training ensures that individuals can operate boom lifts confidently and safely. Boom lifts are engineered with simplicity in mind, featuring user-friendly controls and straightforward setup procedures. The integration of safety features further enhances the overall ease of operation, making boom lifts a practical choice across various industries.

    What sizes do boom lifts come in?

    Boom lifts come in various sizes, catering to different job requirements. The size of a boom lift is determined by its maximum reach and height capabilities. These machines are available in compact sizes, suitable for indoor use, as well as larger models designed for outdoor applications. Smaller boom lifts are suitable for tasks where space is limited. Small boom lifts can navigate through tight spaces and are commonly used for maintenance work indoors, such as in warehouses or facilities with confined areas. Medium-sized boom lifts offer a balance between reach and mobility. These machines are versatile and capable of handling a range of tasks both indoors and outdoors. Medium-sized boom lifts provide a practical solution for construction sites and maintenance projects that require moderate elevation. For more extensive outdoor projects, larger boom lifts are available. Large lift models have extended reach capabilities, reaching higher elevations. Larger boom lifts are commonly employed in construction projects where access to tall structures is necessary, providing a stable platform for workers to perform tasks efficiently and safely. The diversity in boom lift sizes ensures that there is a suitable machine for various applications. Whether it's navigating tight indoor spaces, addressing moderate outdoor tasks, or tackling extensive construction projects, the range of sizes allows for flexibility in meeting specific job requirements.

    Are towable boom lifts safe?

    Towable boom lifts are designed with safety in mind, incorporating features to ensure secure operation. These machines come equipped with stabilizers (also called outriggers) that provide balance and stability during use. Stabilizers are deployed to the ground to prevent tipping, enhancing the overall safety of the towable boom lift. Safety is further emphasized through the inclusion of limit switches which only allow the machine to be operated under safe range-of-motion parameters. These limit switches prevent certain operations if the machine is not in the correct position. The additional layer of protection helps mitigate the chances of accidents or malfunctions. The controls of towable boom lifts are designed for simplicity and clarity, making it easy for operators to understand and operate the machine safely. Training programs focus on familiarizing operators with these controls, ensuring they can effectively maneuver the towable boom lift during tasks. Regular maintenance and inspections are integral to the safety of all aerial equipment, including towable boom lifts. These routine checks ensure that all components are in good working condition. A well-maintained towable boom lift is more reliable and less prone to unexpected issues, contributing to a safer operating environment.