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Used JCB Lifts

CanLift offers used JCB lifts for sale. Call us today at 1-877-338-5438 or contact us using the form. We can ship worldwide. See below our current selection of used JCB lifts.

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    Used JCB Lift Equipment For Sale


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    CanLift Equipment has used JCB lifts for sale, including the equipment listed on this site. If you’re looking for a JCB lift not currently listed, contact us today for a full list of all available units. CanLift offers in-house equipment financing¬†on all new and used equipment. Contact our team anytime at (877) 338-5438 for more information about our financing options or our used JCB lifts.



    Our used lift equipment is inspected and certified by our team of factory-trained technicians. CanLift only sells lifts that have completed our professional equipment reconditioning and meets our rigorous standards, so you can be confident your used equipment is ready for the worksite the day it is delivered. The used JCB lifts that we have listed have been inspected and certified.

    Select one of the used JCB lifts for sale above, or contact us for more information about our used lifts.


    Selecting a used JCB lift over a new model offers a variety of benefits.

    • Use JCB lifts can be delivered to your worksite quicker than new lifts. CanLift inspects and certifies all used lifts before we list them for sale, so our inventory is ready to be delivered right away. New equipment can take weeks to be delivered from the factory; CanLift can deliver used lifts in a few days.
    • Used equipment is a cost-effective option to get the equipment you need today. Compared to lift rentals, CanLift’s in-house lease options can be less expensive and gives you equity value and the option to trade-in the equipment.
    • You can select a used lift that your operators are already familiar with. This means that they can start using the lift right away, instead of learning how to operate new equipment. This will save your operators time and help you complete the job faster.

    CanLift inspects and certifies every used lift, so you can expect our used JCB lifts to be reliable and ready to get to work. Select a JCB lift above to view its full specs.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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