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The Snorkel Equipment Company was founded over 60 years ago to market the Snorkel platform – a revolutionary new tool for firefighting and rescue work. Snorkel entered the industrial sector with the first telescopic Snorkel platform in 1977. These new, innovative Snorkel lifts incorporated advanced design technology, like state-of-the-art hydraulic and electrical systems. As a result, Snorkel lifts quickly became a leader in functionality, quality, low maintenance cost, and dependability. Since then, Snorkel has set the industry standard for scissor lift and boom lift designs that have stood the test of time. CanLift is proud to have a large inventory of various Snorkel lift equipment.


Each year, new models of Snorkel lifts were added to the product line, giving the company the widest product range of telescoping and articulating boom lifts in the industry—all the way up to 126 feet. With working heights of up to 85 feet and an up-and-over reach of up to 28 feet, the Snorkel manlift models provides maximum functionality on almost any job site.


Snorkel also has vertical model range. These compact, self-propelled mast lifts are perfect for small spaces as they are narrow enough to drive through a standard doorway. With a maximum working height of 12 feet, and a tight turning radius of only 6 inches, these machines can fit practically anywhere.


CanLift Equipment carries a full line of Snorkel lifts for sale including Snorkel platform, boom, mast, and scissor lift equipment available for delivery across Canada.

See above for the latest specials on Snorkel manlift equipment. If you have any questions about Snorkel sales or about operating and maintaining a lift, contact our customer service team. We are happy to help with your purchase or lease of a Snorkel lift.


Snorkel’s scissor lift range is also advantageous; it provides the easiest to use, most compact, reliable, and heavy-duty lifts at working heights of up to 32 feet. With a fantastic operational envelope, roll-out deck extensions, and standard 4-wheel drive, a Snorkel scissor lift provides users with a versatile and sturdy working height of up to 40 feet, in the roughest of terrains. Additionally, the trailer-mounted Snorkel scissor lift line provides an easy to use option that is even faster and can be towed by any truck – cutting transport costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Snorkel

What are Snorkel lifts known for?

Snorkel Lifts is a manufacturer known for its efficiency in facilitating safe and effective work at elevated heights. A key model is the scissor lift, a versatile platform that smoothly moves up and down, providing a secure workspace for tasks at varying heights. Especially prominent in the construction sector, Snorkel Lifts play a crucial role in activities requiring access to elevated areas. Whether it's painting, fixing, or installing materials, Snorkel lifts stand out for streamlining these tasks while prioritizing worker safety. A distinctive feature defining Snorkel lifts is a commitment to safety. Equipped with essential features, Snorkel lifts emphasize the ease and well-being of operators working at elevated heights. Safety features include but are not limited to, emergency stop buttons and guardrails. Acknowledged for their robust build, Snorkel Lifts are constructed with resilient materials and a sturdy design, enabling them to withstand challenging working conditions. Snorkel is an excellent choice for those looking for a machine with a long life span. The versatility of Snorkel lifts extends far beyond construction, finding utility in diverse industries. From warehouse activities to maintenance, Snorkel lifts provide a reliable solution for adeptly reaching elevated areas in varied working environments. Snorkel scissor lifts are celebrated for their efficiency, trustworthy safety, robust durability, and wide applicability.

Where are Snorkel lifts made?

Snorkel lifts are manufactured in several locations worldwide, highlighting the brand's commitment to meeting global demand for elevated work platforms. One of the primary manufacturing hubs is situated in Elwood, Kansas, USA. This facility serves as a vital center for crafting a diverse range of Snorkel lifts, showcasing American expertise in manufacturing reliable and efficient aerial work platforms. Snorkel has strategically expanded its manufacturing footprint to other regions. The brand has established a significant manufacturing presence in the United Kingdom, which plays a crucial role in the production and distribution of Snorkel lifts for customers in the European region. Snorkel lifts are also manufactured in New Zealand. The Snorkel facility in Levin, New Zealand, contributes to the global production of Snorkel lifts, and services the Oceania region. Snorkel lifts are proudly manufactured in the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. This diverse manufacturing approach allows Snorkel to provide reliable and versatile lifts to customers globally, ensuring that the brand's commitment to quality and innovation is maintained across different regions.

Are Snorkel lifts reliable?

Snorkel lifts are very reliable machines. Across various industries, Snorkel lifts consistently prove their trustworthiness. Rigorous testing is a cornerstone, ensuring that Snorkel lifts consistently meet the highest reliability standards. The resilience of Snorkel lifts lies in their powerful design. Snorkel machines thrive in challenging working conditions without compromising on performance. Users confidently choose Snorkel lifts for secure and efficient vertical access across diverse applications. Snorkel lifts offer comprehensive parts and service support. This includes accessible customer service and a network of authorized service centers, which ensures swift and effective assistance in addressing any issues. With a focus on reliability from design to after sales support, Snorkel lifts are a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and trustworthy equipment. Snorkel stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality. Snorkel guarantees that each lift exceeds stringent reliability criteria, a commitment which has established Snorkel's position in the market. Users consistently rely on Snorkel lifts for a multitude of tasks, appreciating their proven dependability.

What are the typical uses of Snorkel lifts?

Snorkel lifts are used across different industries due to their versatility in providing elevated access for various tasks. In construction, Snorkel lifts play a crucial role in helping workers reach high places, facilitating tasks like painting, welding, or installing materials with ease. Warehouses benefit from Snorkel lifts for efficient inventory management. These lifts assist in reaching tall shelves, making it easier for workers to organize and retrieve goods. Warehouse organization contributes to streamlined operations and reduces the physical strain on workers, leading to increased productivity. In the realm of outdoor events and facility management, Snorkel lifts find application for tasks like setting up event structures, installing signage, or maintaining outdoor spaces. The mobility and height capabilities of Snorkel lifts make them a preferred choice for efficiently handling tasks at different elevations. Snorkel lifts are versatile machines used across construction, warehousing, maintenance, and outdoor event management. Their ability to provide safe and accessible elevated platforms makes them indispensable tools, contributing to the smooth execution of tasks in a range of industries.