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CanLift carries new and used Terex lift equipment including telehandlers for sale. Call us at 1-877-338-5438 or contact us using the form below to learn more about Terex equipment.

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    Terex SALES AT CanLift

    Terex is driven by a mission to deliver quality boom, aerial, man and scissor lifts that are safe, reliable, cost-effective, and provide excellent return on investment. CanLift Equipment is proud to be among a select group of Terex dealers in Canada offering a wide array of Terex equipment sales.


    Terex equipment has been around for over 60 years. With so much experience, the brand knows how to deliver exceptional power and performance in every Terex boom truck, Terex scissor lift, and Terex platform to maximize productivity, boost the bottom line and provide unparalleled value.

    Get Help with Your Terex Lift Purchase

    If you have questions, contact CanLift for answers on Terex in Canada. Or explore our inventory above for the latest specials on Terex equipment.


    Terex boom trucks provide the ultimate in lifting versatility with up, out, and over positioning capabilities for hard-to-access jobs. A wide variety of options lets you customize your Terex boom lift to best meet each and every site’s needs. If you are looking for a particular model, contact us and we will check our inventory of new and used Terex boom trucks.


    A Terex platform offers you advanced convenience at a much lower cost than its competitors. An ultra lightweight and compact design, combined with superior maneuverability and transportability, make TEREX platforms easy to use and economical.

    Buy Terex Lifts in Canada

    CanLift Equipment is among only a few Terex dealers who offer direct Terex sales in Canada. All new models are offered with a conditional 30-day warranty and are immediately available for delivery.



    Terex lifts were made to add value to the workplace. They operate easily and are extremely versatile, allowing drivers to move, position or hold both light and heavy loads in a almost any situation. When it comes to lifting, lowering and moving people and materials around a job site, no one does it better than Terex. From the smallest Terex boom lift to the largest telescopic and articulating Terex boom truck, each lift offers you unsurpassed performance, safety and reliability.

    Terex Parts Canada

    Find the parts you need for your Terex lift from CanLift. Along with a factory-trained service team, CanLift is a Terex dealer in Ontario for new and used equipment and a range of parts. If you are looking for a specific part, contact us to talk to our Terex Canada service team.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Terex

    What are Terex lifts known for?

    Terex lifts (also known as Genie lifts) are known for being reliable machines that make working at heights safe and straightforward. Terex lifts offer a stable space for workers to complete tasks at various heights. A notable trademark of Terex lifts is their strong emphasis on safety features. Equipped with various safety features, Terex lifts prioritize the well-being of operators working at elevated heights in any setting. Widely used in construction, Terex lifts, especially the scissor lifts, are indispensable for tasks that demand access to elevated areas. Be it painting tall structures, fixing components, or accessing hard-to-reach spots, Terex lifts simplify these tasks while keeping worker safety a top priority. Renowned for their robust construction, Terex lifts are built with durable materials and a sturdy design, allowing them to withstand the rigours of challenging working conditions. Terex-level durability ensures a longer lifespan for the equipment, establishing the brand as a trusted choice for various industries. Terex lifts showcase their versatility beyond construction, finding utility in different sectors. Terex lifts are celebrated for their reliability, strong safety features, and durable construction. Widely utilized in construction and various industries, Terex lifts serve as a secure and efficient means for workers to access elevated spaces for a variety of tasks.

    Where are Terex lifts made?

    Terex lifts are manufactured in various locations worldwide, including the USA, the UK, and China. For the North American market, the manufacturing centre is located in Redmond, Washington, USA. This facility produces a diverse range of Terex lifts, reflecting American craftsmanship in the creation of reliable and innovative lifting equipment. Terex has strategically expanded its manufacturing presence to other regions. Terex has established a significant manufacturing hub in Coventry, United Kingdom. This European facility is instrumental in the production and distribution of Terex lifts, emphasizing the brand's commitment to tailoring manufacturing to meet the specific needs of the European market. Terex lifts are also manufactured in Changzhou, China, showcasing the brand's commitment to serving the growing demand for aerial work platforms in the Asian market. All told, Terex lifts are proudly manufactured in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. This global manufacturing approach allows Terex to provide reliable and versatile lifts to customers worldwide, ensuring that the brand's commitment to quality and innovation is upheld across different regions.

    Are Terex lifts reliable?

    Terex lifts are renowned for being reliable. Terex continues to earn trust across a wide array of industries as machines that consistently demonstrate their dependability. Terex lifts go through a rigorous testing process that not only meets but surpasses the highest industry standards. The reliability of Terex lifts originates with their resilient design. Meticulously crafted with only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, these lifts endure demanding working conditions while maintaining peak performance. Users confidently select Terex lifts, relying on them for secure and effective vertical access in diverse applications. Beyond their inherent reliability, Terex lifts offer comprehensive support services. With an unwavering dedication to reliability across every stage, from design through to support, Terex lifts offer a trustworthy option for individuals seeking reliable vertical access solutions.

    What are the typical uses of Terex lifts?

    Terex lifts are versatile machines typically used in various industries for lifting workers up to high work locations. One of Terex machines’ most common uses is in construction sites, where they help workers reach elevated areas and move materials efficiently. Terex lifts are equipped with sturdy platforms, making them ideal for tasks like installing windows, painting, or fixing roofs. A practical application of Terex lifts is maintenance work, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's changing light bulbs in a facility or pruning trees in a park, Terex lifts provide a safe and stable platform for workers to carry out tasks at various heights. In the agricultural sector, Terex lifts are utilized for tasks such as orchard maintenance and harvesting. The flexibility and height capabilities of these lifts make them valuable for reaching fruits or tending to crops in tall structures. Terex lifts are widely employed in diverse settings where vertical mobility and heavy lifting are essential. Their reliability and adaptability make them indispensable tools in construction, warehousing, maintenance, and agriculture, contributing to increased efficiency and safety in various work environments.