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SkyJack Lifts for Sale in Canada

Haven’t got the space for a conventional boom lift? Call CanLift Equipment. Our line of SkyJack lifts for sale now includes high-quality, rough terrain aerial lifts that are compact enough to fit easily through a standard set of double doors. No matter what your project, there’s a perfect SkyJack scissor lift or SkyJack boom lift that can do the job with ease.


SkyJack lifts for sale at CanLift offer solutions for rough terrain or narrow access situations. SkyJack sales are ideal for construction, industrial, and warehouse applications. Most SkyJack scissor lift models will fit through a standard doorway, including guardrails, offering unmatched convenience and safety for users. The SkyJack scissor lift signature electric power pack also provides clean, quiet, and fume-free operation.

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CanLift works closely with our SkyJack lift customers and can offer an excellent sales experience from start to finish. From helping choose the right model, to delivering it promptly, to helping service Skyjack scissor lifts and boom lifts to ensure maximum equipment life, CanLift offers a complete customer experience.


We offer competitive prices on every SkyJack sales of new and used SkyJack aerial lifts. If you’re searching for SkyJack scissor lifts or SkyJack boom lifts for sale, CanLift can accommodate you.


All SkyJack lifts have optional rollout extensions, which allow the operator to reach over obstacles. SkyJack’s scissor lift series includes 30 foot to 44 foot options, with 4×4 capabilities and both compact and non-compact options. SkyJack scissor lifts are also equipped with proportional joysticks for ease of use, and come fully equipped with workstation trays and non-marking tires. They can also be driven when fully elevated.

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For more information about SkyJack lift equipment, contact us. Operators can answer your questions about SkyJack lifts for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions about SkyJack

What are Skyjack lifts known for?

Skyjack lifts are known for helping people work at elevated heights with safety and ease. One of the popular types of lifts manufactured by Skyjack is the scissor lift, which offers a stable and secure working space for tasks at different heights. The construction industry widely relies on Skyjack lifts, particularly in activities that demand access to elevated areas. No matter what the work site setting, Skyjack lifts are designed to simplify and enhance these tasks while ensuring the safety of workers. Skyjack lifts are well-known for prioritizing safety. They come equipped with features like guardrails and emergency stop buttons, emphasizing the protection of operators when working at elevated heights. This strong focus on safety contributes to the reliability of the Skyjack name across various applications. Skyjack lifts are renowned for their durability. Crafted with robust materials and solid construction, Skyjack lifts can withstand challenging working conditions. For this reason, Skyjack continues to grow in popularity and renown. Skyjack lifts showcase versatility, finding applications beyond construction in various industries. From maintenance tasks to cleaning activities and warehouse operations, Skyjack lifts provide a reliable solution for efficiently reaching high areas in diverse working environments. Widely utilized in construction and diverse industries, Skyjack lifts offer a secure and efficient means for workers to access elevated spaces for various tasks.

Where are Skyjack lifts made?

Skyjack lifts are manufactured in multiple locations worldwide, demonstrating the company's commitment to meeting the global demand for aerial work platforms. One of the key manufacturing facilities is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This Skyjack facility plays a pivotal role in producing a diverse range of Skyjack lifts, showcasing Canadian craftsmanship in the manufacturing of reliable and innovative lifting equipment. Skyjack has expanded its manufacturing presence to meet the needs of various markets. The company has established a significant manufacturing hub in Europe, specifically in the United Kingdom. This European facility contributes to the production and distribution of Skyjack lifts for customers in the European region, emphasizing the brand's dedication to localizing manufacturing for regional demand. Skyjack likewise has strategically placed operations in the United States, and Mexico . These locations enable Skyjack to efficiently cater to the demand for aerial work platforms in the North American and South American markets.

Are Skyjack lifts reliable?

Skyjack lifts are reliable in every aspect. Demonstrating unwavering trustworthiness across diverse industries, Skyjack machines consistently meet the highest standards through rigorous testing. The dependability of Skyjack lifts is further solidified by regular maintenance, ensuring seamless and efficient operation over extended periods. Skyjack, a distinguished brand, is celebrated for its steadfast commitment to quality. Investing in state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing processes, the company ensures that each lift surpasses stringent reliability criteria. This dedication has earned Skyjack a reputable standing in the market, with users relying on their lifts for a multitude of tasks owing to their proven dependability. An important element contributing to the reliability of Skyjack lifts is their robust design. Skyjack lifts endure challenging working conditions while maintaining optimal performance. Users confidently choose Skyjack lifts for secure and efficient vertical access in a variety of applications. With an unwavering focus on reliability throughout the entire lifecycle, from design to support, Skyjack lifts distinguish themselves as a dependable choice for those in search of trustworthy vertical access solutions.

What are the typical uses of Skyjack lifts?

Skyjack lifts are typically used in construction, warehousing and maintenance offering reliability and efficiency for lifting workers safely. In construction, Skyjack lifts are commonly utilized for tasks requiring work at heights, such as installing windows, painting, or conducting repairs. Maintenance activities often rely on Skyjack lifts. Whether it's changing light fixtures in a building or trimming trees in a park, these lifts provide a safe and stable platform for workers to perform tasks at varying heights. The adaptability of Skyjack lifts makes them valuable assets for a range of maintenance applications. Warehouses benefit from Skyjack lifts in managing inventory efficiently. These lifts aid in accessing high shelves, allowing workers to organize and retrieve goods with ease. Skyjack lifts serve various purposes across industries, and their versatility and safety features make them essential for tasks that require reliable elevated access.