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Used Scissor Lifts

CanLift offers a number of used scissor lifts for sale. Call us today at 1-877-338-5438 or contact us using the form below – operators are standing by and we ship used scissor lifts worldwide!

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Find used scissor lifts for sale from CanLift Equipment. Our wide inventory can fluctuate due to supply and popularity of certain machines, so please contact us to find out more about our full available inventory of used scissor lifts. Our friendly and helpful team is available to support you through the process of finding that perfect used scissor lift, hassle-free, so you can free up more time for running your business.


There are many reasons to buy or finance CanLift’s used scissor lift equipment. While new models can take many weeks to be delivered, our in-stock units can be conveniently delivered to your worksite within days. Plus, the initial cost of the machine and its overall maintenance is reduced when compared to new machines. As experienced technicians and retailers, CanLift is aware that many users find older scissor lift equipment easier to understand and operate. Automated features are common among new lifts, which can be more intricate and require more training. Many businesses and project benefit from a used scissor lift.


All of CanLift’s used lifts are held to a very high standard. In fact, you will not find a used scissor lift for sale on our site that isn’t in mint condition. Our team of highly experienced and trained technicians understand that the equipment needs to be running perfectly, not just for jobsite efficiency, but also for the health and safety of the user and their surroundings. We guarantee quality through our comprehensive in-house inspection, reconditioning and restoration process. So, whether it needs a fresh coat of paint, wheels, general maintenance or new parts, CanLift fully restores each used scissor lift to perfection before it’s listed on our site.


If you are looking for a short-term equipment investment, buying used scissor lifts is sometimes a better option than renting. Buying or financing can be very cost-effective, and offers future trade-in value where renting does not. Advantages do vary by situation, so let us help arrange something that works best for your business needs. Check our stock listed above and contact our team for a free, no-obligation quote on used scissor lifts for sale.

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