Lift Equipment Lease Financing

CanLift now offers convenient equipment leasing through a partnership with CWB National Leasing, Canada’s Equipment Financing Experts. Leasing is a great way to get the lift equipment financing you need to help grow your business, while still holding on to your cash and lines of credit.

Not sure how much you need or can afford? Use the lease payment calculator to discover a payment structure that works for your business. You can even apply online once you’ve selected your customized payment option.

If you’re looking for lease financing on your next lift equipment purchase, please fill in this application form today and our partners at CWB National Leasing will contact you directly.

Complete the application form today and our partners at National Leasing will contact you directly.

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Why Lease Your Equipment?

  • Conserve Your Cash: Leasing lets you save cash and increase the buying power of an operating and/or capital budget, or overcome budgeting limitations. A $30,000 annual lift equipment budget can be leveraged up significantly with leasing.
  • Convenient and Simple Process: You achieve one-stop shopping for both your equipment and financing. Credit approval and lease documents are uncomplicated and completed more quickly than traditional bank financing.
  • Tailored Payments: Repayment can be tailored to your cash flow, making budgeting very simple.
  • Tax Benefits: Many times, leasing provides business tax benefits as debt-to-equity ratios are not affected and the assets are not listed on the balance sheet.
  • Preserve Lines of Credit: Your valuable cash and lines of credit remain intact to further help grow your business. No business encounters financial difficulty because it has too much cash.

Eligible Equipment

  • 100% Financing: Unlike many traditional financing structures, in most cases, you are not required to make any down payments.
  • No Pre-Payment of Taxes: On rentals, you pay GST and PST in full up front, but with leasing these taxes are spread out over time.
  • Pay as You Profit: You get to establish your lift equipment costs in present-day dollars, and pay them incrementally in future dollars as your equipment is used. You can then add extra equipment or accessories for smaller monthly costs.
  • Match Your Revenue to Expenditure: You can match your business revenues with its expenditures by paying for the lift equipment as it is used to generate more revenue, or protect your profits.

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