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JLG Lifts for Sale

Since 1969, JLG aerial lifts have been a global leader thanks to world-class excellence in quality, service and delivery to all JLG dealers and customers. JLG Industries knows their leadership in the aerial lift, boom lift, man lift, and scissor lift industries depends heavily upon their ability to respond to their global customer base’s needs, and every JLG for sale in Canada today is a result of that response.

JLG LIFT Selection from CanLift

The full JLG equipment lineup includes more than 50 models of boom lifts, scissor lifts, mast booms, and vertical mast lifts to fit all of your personnel lifting requirements. All JLG platform and aerial lifts are versatile, rugged and reliable. See our full selection of JLG lifts for sale and lease.


When you buy a JLG scissor lift, boom lift, man lift, or aerial lift, you also get a partnership that allows for unlimited two-way dialogue. Each customer is an opportunity for improvement for JLG dealers and JLG lifts alike in terms of both quality and service.


CanLift Equipment is among a few select JLG dealers in the USA who carry the complete line of JLG lifts for sale including all telescopic JLG scissor lift, JLG boom lift, JLG man lift and JLG aerial lift products.

As one of the premier JLG dealers in the USA, CanLift Equipment offers numerous JLG lift products for sale. We strive to offer JLG boom lift and scissor lift solutions that address or anticipate new opportunities in all markets. Our desire is to promote innovation, responsiveness, and flexibility in everything we do, and we are proud to offer a wide selection of JLG for sale. See above for our selection of lifts from JLG Industries.


When you need a project done, you need it done now. That’s why more people rely on JLG lifts than any other aerial lift manufacturer. JLG lift equipment is ready to work for you whenever you need it, wherever your project is. JLG lifts bring you the safest, most reliable, and best performing boom lift or scissor lift equipment possible.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information on JLG lifts for sale, contact us. Operators are standing by to answer your questions about JLG manlifts.

Frequently Asked Questions about JLG

What are JLG lifts known for?

JLG lifts are known for their ability to help people reach high places safely and easily. One popular type of lift JLG makes is the scissor lift. Scissor lifts by JLG feature multiple sized platforms that can go up and down, helping workers perform tasks at different heights. JLG lifts are widely used in the construction industry. The lifts assist workers in reaching elevated areas for tasks such as painting, fixing things, or installing structures on buildings. The convenience and safety features of JLG lifts make them a trusted choice in construction projects. Another notable aspect of JLG lifts is their commitment to innovation and technology. JLG continuously incorporates advanced features into their lifts to enhance safety, efficiency, and overall performance. The dedication to staying updated with the latest technology keeps JLG lifts at the forefront of the industry. Safety is a key priority for JLG, and their lifts come equipped with features like guardrails and emergency stop buttons to ensure the well-being of operators when working at heights. This focus on safety contributes to the reliability and trustworthiness of JLG lifts in various applications. JLG lifts are also recognized for their versatility. They are used in different industries for various tasks, not just in construction. Whether it's maintenance work, cleaning, or warehouse operations, JLG lifts provide a solution for reaching elevated areas efficiently and securely. JLG’s commitment to innovation, safety features, and versatility make JLG lifts a reliable choice for tasks that require working at elevated heights.

Where are JLG lifts manufactured?

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, JLG lifts are manufactured in various places around the world, including McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, Tonneins, France, and Tianjin, China. This global manufacturing approach allows JLG to meet the diverse needs of customers across different regions. The primary manufacturing facility is situated in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. This facility plays a crucial role in producing a wide range of JLG lifts, meeting global demand. JLG has expanded its manufacturing footprint beyond the United States. JLG has established production facilities in Europe and Asia to cater to regional markets. In Europe, JLG has a manufacturing presence in Tonneins, France, contributing to the production and distribution of lifts for customers in the European region. In Asia, JLG has a manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China. This location enables the company to serve the growing demand for aerial work platforms in the Asian market. By strategically spreading manufacturing operations across continents, JLG ensures efficient production and timely delivery of lifts to customers worldwide.

Are JLG lifts reliable?

JLG lifts are highly reliable machines. JLG’s consistent performance and durability make them a trusted choice in various industries. These lifts undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of reliability. Regular maintenance further enhances their dependability, ensuring smooth operation over extended periods. The robust design of JLG lifts contributes to their reliability. Built with quality materials and precision engineering, these lifts withstand challenging working conditions without compromising performance. Users can rely on JLG lifts to consistently deliver efficient and safe vertical access. JLG, as a reputable brand, is known for its commitment to quality. The company invests in advanced technology and manufacturing processes, ensuring that every lift meets stringent reliability criteria. JLG lifts also come with comprehensive support services. Support services include accessible customer service and a network of authorized service centers, ensuring quick and effective assistance if issues arise. With a focus on reliability from design to after sales support, JLG lifts stand out as a dependable choice for those seeking efficient and trustworthy vertical access solutions.

What are JLG lifts typically used for?

JLG lifts are typically used in construction, manufacturing, and warehousing applications. Renowned for their versatility and reliability, JLG lifts find additional value in various scenarios such as event management. JLG lifts prove indispensable for efficiently setting up and maintaining events, offering a secure platform for accessing elevated areas during decorations or signage installations. Large facilities such as airports and convention centers benefit from JLG lifts in facility management, ensuring the upkeep of overhead structures, lighting systems, and HVAC systems. The film and photography industry also leverages JLG lifts for their stable platforms, contributing to the creation of dynamic aerial shots or positioning lighting equipment. In landscaping and tree care, JLG lifts play a pivotal role in tasks like pruning tall trees, providing a safe and controlled platform for landscapers. Warehouses not only use JLG lifts for inventory management but also for routine inspections, checking and maintaining lighting fixtures and security cameras located at elevated positions. JLG lifts prove valuable in the telecommunications sector as well, facilitating the maintenance of cell towers and antennas. Artists in the painting and mural industry utilize JLG lifts as stable platforms for creating large-scale artworks, showcasing the adaptability of these lifts across diverse industries and applications. JLG lifts make substantial contributions to enhancing efficiency and safety across a wide variety of industries.