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The concept of lifting people and materials higher extends beyond the wide array of Genie boom lift offerings at CanLift. Genie lifts are continuously setting a new standard for excellence. Genie lift equipment is a global company that is dedicated to helping clients build their business. Genie consistently delivers quality, and CanLift consistently provides numerous Genie boom lift choices for your project.

About Genie Lifts

Genie man lifts have long been recognized as a global leader. Today, as part of the Terex organization, Genie lift equipment offers groundbreaking design and quality production of man lifts, scissor lifts and boom lifts, and is often the first choice on industrial and construction sites across the globe.

CanLift’s Selection of Genie Lift Equipment

CanLift has consistently provided customers with a large selection of top Genie lifts for sale. Combined with our popular Genie lift rental services, we offer our Genie boom lift customers the most professionally built, quality Genie aerial lift, scissor lift and boom lift products for a wide variety of jobs. In addition to our competitive Genie lift rental and sales prices, we back it up with outstanding customer service every step of the way.

The CanLift & Genie Lift Partnership

CanLift is committed to offering the latest and best Genie lifts for sale or rent that will provide our customers with the best in safety, security, stability and convenience. Genie’s expertise is its greatest asset – and our valued Genie boom lift customers are our greatest incentive.

The Genie Lift Commitment to Improvement

Genie listens to real-world customer input, and uses it to develop new Genie boom lift and Genie scissor lift products that are easy to use and exceed international standards. We deliver each and every Genie lift for sale or rent at maximum value-for-cost.

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For more information about our selection of Genie lifts for sale or rent, contact us or visit the Genie man lifts website.

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