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Genie lifts are continuously setting a new standard for excellence. The concept of lifting people and materials higher extends beyond the wide array of Genie boom lift offerings at CanLift. Genie lift equipment is a global company that is dedicated to helping clients build their business. Genie Industries consistently delivers quality, and CanLift consistently provides numerous Genie boom lift choices for your project.


Genie man lifts have long been recognized as a global leader. Today, as part of the Terex organization, Genie lift equipment offers groundbreaking design and quality production of man lifts, scissor lifts and boom lifts, and is often the first choice on industrial and construction sites across the globe. We carry a wide selection of Genie hoists, boom lifts and more for sale, lease and rent.


CanLift is committed to offering the latest and best Genie lifts for sale in Canada that will provide our customers with the best in safety, security, stability and convenience. Genie Industry’s expertise is its greatest asset – and our valued Genie boom lift customers are our greatest incentive.


Genie listens to real-world customer input, and uses it to develop new Genie boom lift and Genie scissor lift products that are easy to use and exceed international standards. We deliver each and every Genie lift for sale at maximum value-for-cost. See our selection above for a wide selection of Genie lifts.


CanLift has consistently provided customers with a large selection of top Genie lifts for sale. In addition to our competitive Genie lift sales prices, we back it up with outstanding customer service every step of the way.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information about our selection of Genie lifts for sale, contact us. Operators are standing by to discuss the best options for Genie lifts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Genie

What are Genie lifts known for?

Genie lifts are known for being reliable and useful in many lifting jobs. People know Genie for its reputation for good quality and performance. One important feature about Genie lifts is how easy they are to use. The lifts are made to be simple for operators, making it easy to understand and work with the equipment. Genie lifts are also known for being strong and lasting a long time. They are built to handle tough working conditions, giving a sturdy and dependable platform for lifting. The tough construction means Genie lift equipment lasts a while, staying strong in different job settings. Genie is dedicated to bringing in new technology. This makes their equipment safer and more efficient. Their commitment to using new ideas keeps Genie lifts ahead in the industry, meeting new needs and standards. Genie lifts are famous for working well in many situations. Whether it's inside or outside jobs, construction sites, or maintenance projects, Genie lifts have many models that fit different needs. This flexibility makes them a top choice for various industries. Genie lifts are known for being easy to use, durable, innovative, and versatile. These qualities make them a trusted option for effective lifting solutions.

Where are Genie lifts manufactured?

Genie lifts are proudly manufactured in the USA. Genie lifts are manufactured by Terex Corporation, a well-known global company. Terex Corporation is based in the United States, and Genie lifts are produced at their factory in Redmond, Washington. Terex Corporation has a strong reputation for making high-quality lifting and material handling equipment. Genie lifts are no exception. The Genie manufacturing process takes place in the Redmond facility by skilled and experienced professionals. This ensures that each Genie lift meets strict standards for quality and safety. Being made in the United States adds to the assurance of quality, as the country has rigorous manufacturing standards. Genie lifts benefit from this commitment to excellence because customers can rely on the equipment's durability and performance. In short, Genie lifts proudly say "Made in the USA," showing Terex Corporation's dedication to quality. They are made in Redmond, Washington, by skilled professionals, showcasing durability and performance. This makes Genie lifts a trustworthy option for various lifting needs around the world.

Are Genie lifts reliable?

Yes, Genie lifts are very reliable. There are several reasons that makes Genie the trusted choice in lifting equipment. Firstly, Genie lifts are known for their strong reputation for reliability. Many people count on them for various lifting tasks because they consistently deliver dependable performance. Genie’s lift equipment is designed to be user-friendly. Genie lifts are made to be easy for operators to understand and use. This simplicity ensures that the equipment can be safely operated. Durability is another important aspect. Genie lifts are built to withstand tough working conditions, providing a robust and resilient platform for lifting needs. The lift’s robust construction adds to their reputation for reliability in different job environments. Genie Lifts are recognized for their commitment to innovation. By incorporating cutting-edge technology into their equipment, they enhance safety features and overall efficiency. This dedication to staying updated with the latest technologies further solidifies the reliability of Genie lifts in meeting evolving industry needs and standards. Businesses can trust Genie Lifts for their consistent and dependable performance in various lifting applications.

What are Genie lifts typically used for?

Genie lifts are very useful for many different jobs Genie lifts can do a lot of things efficiently. One important use is in building projects where workers need to reach high places for painting, general maintenance, or putting up lights. Genie lifts help people work safely at different heights during all phases of building construction. In warehouses and factories, Genie lifts are crucial for moving and stacking goods. This makes storing and moving products in warehouses and factories more efficient and helps workers get to items at different heights easily. Genie lifts are also handy for maintenance work in buildings. For things like changing light bulbs, fixing electronics, or doing regular HVAC checks, Genie lifts give workers a safe and steady platform to do these tasks at high places. This makes maintenance work easier by giving access to places that are hard to reach. Genie lifts are often used outdoors too, especially in landscaping and tree care. They help with tasks like cutting trees, trimming branches, or putting up outdoor decorations. Genie lifts can move on different types of ground, making them versatile for outdoor jobs and popular in landscaping projects. In general, Genie lifts are used extensively in construction, warehouses, maintenance, and outdoor projects. They are good at reaching high places, making them very helpful for workers to finish their tasks safely and efficiently in different industries.