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CanLift Equipment carries new and used MEC lifts for sale, including MEC scissor lifts, boom lifts, and man lifts. Contact us today by calling 1-877-338-5438 to learn more about buying or renting a MEC lift.

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MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a leading manufacturer of unique and high-quality specialty lift equipment including scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers and more. MEC platform lift and related products are unmatched in both capacity and power, securing their place among the most popular and best-selling lift equipment in the world. Buy or lease a MEC lift from CanLift.


CanLift offers a fully stocked inventory of new and used MEC lift equipment for sales purposes as well as MEC parts. We have a team of certified technicians that can provide mechanical service and repairs for all MEC scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers. Our team can answer your questions before or after your purchase of a MEC lift.


We also offer an array of MEC platform and boom lifts for sale. These are ideal for situations where additional height is needed. For example, the MEC Titan Boom 40-S Series boom lift extends up to 40 feet and has a distribution load capacity of approximately 1,000 pounds.


When working in rough terrain situations, MEC telehandlers provide the power and versatility you need. CanLift offers top-quality MEC Rough Terrain telehandlers that can handle up to 8,000 pounds and extend to 41 feet. These MEC lifts are robust, versatile and easy to maintain and service. With CanLift Equipment Ltd, you get the reliable customer support and the best purchase prices on MEC lifts. See our selection above of MEC lifts for sale or rent.


We offer a wide variety of MEC scissor lifts in various heights and configurations. For more rugged sites, try the MEC 92 Series Ultra Deck rough terrain scissor lift. It has dual rollout deck extensions with incremental locking positions, an impressive max working height of 54 feet and weight capacity up to 1,500 pounds. For tight situations, the compact MEC 32 Series Electric Slab scissor lift has a maximum height of 19 feet and a weight capacity of 500 pounds. This MEC scissor is perfect for indoor jobs with narrow spaces.


As the leader in lifts in Canada, CanLift Equipment has the widest selection of MEC lift and a team of professionals to help service or maintain the lifts. See above to explore the variety of MEC lifts for sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MEC

What are MEC lifts known for?

MEC lifts are known for their reliable performance in helping people reach high places safely. One of the popular types of lifts produced by MEC is the scissor lift. Scissor lifts by MEC provide a stable and secure working platform for tasks at different heights. The construction industry widely uses MEC lifts, especially in tasks requiring access to elevated areas. Whether it's painting, fixing things, or installing structures on buildings, MEC lifts are designed to make these tasks easier and safer for workers. MEC lifts are also recognized for their commitment to safety. These lifts come equipped with features like guardrails and emergency stop buttons, prioritizing the well-being of operators when working at heights. This emphasis on safety contributes to the trustworthiness of MEC lifts in various applications. Another notable characteristic of MEC lifts is their durability. Built with robust materials and sturdy construction, MEC lifts are known to withstand tough working conditions. Hearty durability ensures a longer lifespan for the equipment, making MEC a reliable choice for different industries. MEC lifts are versatile and find applications in various industries beyond construction. From maintenance work to cleaning tasks and warehouse operations, MEC lifts provide a solution for efficiently reaching elevated areas in different working environments. MEC lifts are known to offer a secure and efficient means for workers to access high spaces for a range of tasks

Where are MEC lifts made?

MEC lifts are exclusively manufactured in Kerman, California, USA. The production facility in Kerman serves as the primary hub for crafting a wide array of MEC lifts, meeting the demand for versatile aerial platforms. The choice of Kerman as the manufacturing location aligns with MEC's commitment to quality and efficiency. The facility is equipped with advanced technology and skilled personnel, ensuring precise and reliable manufacturing processes. MEC is proud to manufacture lifts in the USA, emphasizing the brand's dedication to producing high-quality aerial platforms locally. Kerman's strategic location in California also facilitates convenient distribution, allowing MEC to efficiently supply lifts to customers across the United States and beyond. A centralized manufacturing approach enables MEC to maintain a close eye on quality control while meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

Are MEC lifts reliable?

MEC lifts are very reliable machines. MEC’s consistent performance across various industries makes them a trustworthy brand in the industry. These lifts undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of reliability. Regular maintenance plays a significant role in enhancing their dependability, allowing for smooth and efficient operation over extended periods of use. The reliability of MEC lifts is attributed to their robust design. Constructed with quality materials and precision engineering, these lifts can withstand challenging working conditions without compromising their performance. Users can confidently rely on MEC lifts for safe and efficient vertical access in a wide range of applications. MEC, as a reputable brand, is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality. The company invests in advanced technology and manufacturing processes to ensure that each lift meets stringent reliability criteria. This commitment has solidified MEC's standing in the market, with users trusting their lifts for various tasks due to their proven dependability. MEC lifts are also backed by comprehensive parts and service support. With a focus on reliability from design to support, MEC lifts are a reliable choice for those seeking consistent and trustworthy vertical access solutions.

What are the typical uses of MEC lifts?

MEC lifts are versatile machines with widespread applications across different industries Warehouses benefit significantly from MEC lifts in managing inventory effectively. MEC machines assist in reaching high shelves, allowing workers to organize and retrieve goods efficiently. This enhances warehouse operations, optimizing space, and facilitating the seamless movement of goods. The adaptability of MEC lifts makes them valuable assets for a range of maintenance applications. MEC lifts ability to reach elevated areas makes them suitable for activities involving the maintenance or construction of tall structures. MEC lifts are commonly employed for tasks like installing windows, painting, or conducting repairs at heights. Extensive versatility means that MEC lifts are typically used in many sectors, such as construction, warehousing and maintenance. The safety features and innumerable applications make MEC lifts indispensable for tasks requiring reliable elevated access.