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Electric Lifts

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    Electric Lifts Available at CanLift

    CanLift Equipment Ltd. offers a wide range of electric lifts for sale in Canada and throughout North America. Electric lifts are popular fortheir versatility and convenience, and excel at indoor uses as they don’t rely on gas or diesel engines and therefore have no exhaust.They are extremely reliable and run on a rechargable battery that lasts for many years. With no need for expensive fuel, they are very cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

    There are all shapes and sizes of electric boom lift and electric scissor lift equipment, ranging from 13 to 84 feet, and with one of the largest selections in Ontario, choosing CanLift ensures you will find the perfect unit for your job. These electric lifts will operate and deliver what you need, when you need it.


    CanLift offers competitive prices on all electric scissor lifts for sale, new or used. We also offer rentals for short-term jobs. Whether you’re looking for a new or used electric scissor lift or electric boom lift, to rent or buy, CanLift can help. CanLift is committed to providing fast, reliable delivery, and to providing the best electric lift equipment available on the market. Our focus is always on quality products as well as customer satisfaction in order to help our clients succeed. From the smallest retail customer to the largest wholesale or international equipment importers, we want you to do well.


    CanLift is dedicated to providing reliable and fast delivery of the best hydraulic and electric scissor lift equipment available. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships and partnerships with our clients, whether they’re a small retail customer, large wholesale customer, or international importer. CanLift can get you the right electric lift for the job – rest assured, we have the right stock to tackle your unique needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Lifts

    What are electric scissor lifts typically used for?

    Electric scissor lifts are commonly used for tasks involving maintenance, construction, and warehousing. Electric lifts can provide a safe and stable platform for workers to access elevated areas. Electric lifts are also used for event setups, film productions and any jobs that require elevated positioning. Electric scissor lifts serve as versatile tools in the construction and maintenance industries and are primarily employed for indoor tasks. Electric lifts are designed to provide workers with efficient vertical access to their job sites, making them invaluable for a range of activities such as ceiling repairs, electrical installations, painting projects and routine maintenance tasks. Electric lifts are particularly well-suited for use in warehouses, factories, retail spaces, and other indoor environments where compact size and quiet operation are paramount. Due to their ability to navigate through tight spaces with ease while producing minimal disruption to their surroundings, electric scissor lifts offer a practical solution for accessing elevated areas.

    What’s the max lift capacity of electric scissor lifts?

    Electric scissor lifts maximum lift capacities typically range from between 500 to 2,500 pounds for indoor models. Specifications provided by the electric lift manufacturer should be consulted for precise lift capacity information. The specific capacity of a particular model of electric lift depends on factors such as its design, size, and manufacturer specifications. It's important to carefully assess the requirements of your job site and the weight of the materials or equipment you intend to lift to select the appropriate electric scissor lift with the necessary capacity to complete your task. Lower-capacity electric scissor lifts are suitable for jobs such as maintenance, electrical work, and painting in indoor environments. Higher-capacity electric scissor lifts are typically used for construction, installation, and maintenance tasks in both indoor and outdoor settings where heavier loads or rough terrain may be encountered.

    Are electric scissor lifts easy to operate?

    Electric scissor lifts are designed with ease of operation in mind. With intuitive controls and electric power for smoother operation, electric lifts are relatively easy to operate. However, proper training and certification are still necessary to ensure safe and effective use. Electric lift manufacturers prioritize offering simplified controls and ergonomic features in their designs to streamline operations making them more easily accessible to operators of varying skill levels. Electric lift controls are typically straightforward to understand and learn. Many electric scissor lifts are equipped with advanced features such as proportional controls and automatic levelling, further enhancing ease of use and safety. Proper training and familiarization with the specific model of electric lift being used is essential to ensure operators can utilize the lift effectively and safely. Ensuring workers are properly trained to use electric lifts will contribute to increased productivity and minimize the risk of accidents or errors occurring on the job site.

    Are electric scissor lifts better than gas?

    Electric scissor lifts are preferable to gas or diesel-powered lifts for indoor use because they produce zero emissions and have considerably lower noise levels. Engine powered lifts may be preferable for outdoor applications requiring higher torque and longer operating times. Electric scissor lifts typically have lower operating costs since electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel. Additionally, electric lift maintenance costs are typically lower since they have fewer moving parts and require less frequent servicing compared to engine-powered lifts. Electric scissor lifts are generally considered more environmentally friendly since they produce zero emissions during operation. This can be important if you're working indoors or in environmentally sensitive areas. Ultimately, the choice between electric and fuel-powered scissor lifts should be based on factors such as the specific requirements of the job site, operational preferences, and environmental considerations.

    Can electric scissor lifts be used outside?

    Electric scissor lifts can be used outside, but their suitability depends on factors like weather conditions, terrain, and access to power outlets. Electric lifts should always be operated with proper safety precautions and considerations for the specific outdoor environment in mind. While electric scissor lifts are primarily designed for indoor use, certain models are equipped with features that enable limited outdoor operation. Electric lifts with these abilities are typically outfitted with non-marking tires, weatherproof controls, and other enhancements to withstand exposure to outdoor elements and ensure reliable performance in various weather conditions. While rare, fully electric rough terrain scissor lifts are also available. While electric lifts may not offer the same level of ruggedness and versatility as their gas-powered counterparts, they can still be utilized effectively in outdoor settings. However, it's essential to adhere to manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols when using electric scissor lifts outdoors, including ensuring proper surface conditions, avoiding hazards such as uneven terrain or inclement weather, and implementing appropriate safety measures to protect operators and bystanders.