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Haulotte lifts are among the best well known in the industry. Two of the biggest names in the lift equipment industry, Pinguely and Haulotte, merged into the Haulotte Group in 2005. With a combined 120+ years of experience, they’re now the third largest lift equipment manufacturer in the world. They consume nearly 20% of the global market share and have subsidiaries in many countries. CanLift has a wide selection of Haulotte lifts for sale or lease in Canada.


Haulotte are self-proclaimed “specialists in people and material lifting equipment.” Their wide range of lift equipment under their umbrella includes the famous Haulotte telehandler, their renowned Haulotte scissor lift, and a variety of functional mast, trailer, articulated, lightweight, self-propelled machines and more. Haulotte Lift has just about everything covered.

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When you buy any model of Haulotte telehandler, boom lift or scissor lift, you are getting equipment synonymous with precision engineering and quality. With over 40 different product models to choose from – ranging from lightweight electric lifting equipment for small spaces through to heavy duty, high-reaching, diesel boom lifts ideal for industrial construction work – they’ve got a lift for every task. Haulotte scissor lifts, telehandlers or boom lifts handle just about any job, and offer complete reliability and safety.


At CanLift, we’re pleased to offer some of the best Haulotte lifts for purchase. We continually strive to increase that range in order to meet the demands of our customers. If we haven’t got the Haulotte scissor lift, telehandler or boom lift you need for a specific job, please ask us to find it for you. Our customer service team and factory trained technicians are available to assist you with your Haulotte lift.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Haulotte

What is Haulotte known for?

Haulotte is known for making quality lift equipment that helps people reach high places safely. These machines are called aerial work platforms or aerial lifts. One popular type of aerial lift that Haulotte is known for is the scissor lift. Haulotte is committed to safety. They make sure their machines have features that keep workers safe. Including guardrails and emergency stop buttons. Haulotte's machines are used in various industries, such as construction, maintenance, and cleaning. Ultimately Haulotte is known for making aerial work platforms, including popular scissor lifts. They focus on safety, providing features to keep workers secure when working at heights. Haulotte's machines are widely used in different industries, for various tasks like construction, maintenance, and cleaning.

Where is Haulotte made?

Haulotte machines are made in France. As a French company, Haulotte takes pride in designing and producing their aerial work platforms in their home country. This includes the well-known scissor lifts and other machines that help people reach high places safely. The manufacturing process of Haulotte machines happens in different locations within France. They have measures in place to ensure they maintain control over the quality of their products. The machines are carefully built and tested to meet safety standards before being made available for use. By being made in France, Haulotte emphasizes its commitment to quality and safety. The country has rigorous manufacturing standards, and Haulotte ensures that each machine adheres to these standards. This established process provides reliable and secure equipment for various industries.

Are Haulotte lifts reliable?

Yes, Haulotte machines are very reliable. One key factor is Haulotte's commitment to quality. The machines are carefully designed and manufactured to meet strict standards. This dedication ensures that each Haulotte machine is reliable and can perform its job effectively. The reputation of Haulotte as a reliable brand is reinforced by their strict testing processes. Before reaching customers, each machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality and safety standards. This testing includes checking all the components and functions of the machines. Haulotte's commitment to customer satisfaction speaks further to the reliability of their machines. They provide support and service to address any issues or questions customers may have, ensuring that their machines continue to perform reliably throughout their lifespan. In summary, Haulotte machines are reliable. This is due to their commitment to quality, safety features, rigorous testing processes, and ongoing customer support. Together, this makes Haulotte a trusted choice for aerial work platforms. This reliability is crucial for various industries, including construction, maintenance, and other tasks that require working at raised heights.

What are Haulotte lifts typically used for?

Haulotte machines are typically used for tasks that involve working at heights in a safe and easy manner. One primary use of Haulotte machines is in the construction industry. In particular, Haulotte scissor lifts help workers reach elevated areas for various tasks such as painting, installing structures, or doing repairs on buildings. In warehouses and factories, Haulotte machines play a crucial role in moving and stacking goods. Their ability to lift and move around easily makes them valuable for reaching high shelves. Maintenance work in facilities and buildings rely heavily on Haulotte machines. For example, they are used for changing light bulbs, fixing electrical components, and conducting routine checks. Haulotte machines provide a safe and stable platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights. Haulotte machines are also commonly used in outdoor settings, like landscaping and tree care. They assist in tasks like trimming trees, pruning branches, or installing outdoor decorations. The ability of Haulotte machines to move easily on different surfaces makes them useful for all kinds of tasks and outdoor applications. This makes them popular in landscaping projects. The equipment’s flexibility in reaching elevated areas quickly and easily makes them highly used and valuable. Haulotte machines make sure workers can complete their jobs safely across various industries.