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    CMC Equipment Canada

    CMC platforms are tracked aerial lifts that combine top lifting capacity with agility and ease of transport. CMC tracked lifts feature innovative “spider” outriggers with automatic stabilization features for reliable and steady performance for both outdoor and indoor jobs. The outriggers can be folded for transport or storage, leaving a smaller profile than conventional aerial lifts. Due to the added stability from the spider legs, CMC lifts also feature improved lift capacity and can handle uneven terrains. See above for our current inventory of CMC aerial lifts.

    Features of CMC Aerial Platforms

    Besides the spider legs, CMC aerial platforms have a range of features that make them perfect for light to heavy jobs. CMC tracked lifts have incredible reach, especially considering the size and weight when folded up for transport. The hydraulic system in all CMC platforms is powerful and reliable, and the controls are intuitive and responsive. CMC Equipment is dedicated to safety, with state-of-the-art safety features and monitoring systems. If you are looking for a lightweight yet top-performing aerial lift, then CMC spider lifts should be top of your list.

    Rent or Buy CMC Lifts

    Rent or buy CMC equipment in Canada from CanLift. As leaders in aerial lifts, CanLift carries the widest selection and offers quick delivery across Canada. We have various sizes of the CMC Arbor Pro lift for sale, so you can choose the style and size that matches your needs. If you need a CMC spider lift soon but are concerned about cash flow, talk to CanLift’s customer service team about our flexible financing options. You can get a new CMC platform – as soon as you need it.

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