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The Genie® GS-4390 rough terrain scissor lift features four-wheel drive and positive traction control — giving it up to 50% gradeability when driving on slopes. This tough, construction-oriented machine is built to tackle the most rigorous jobsite conditions.


  • Built to tackle the most rigorous jobsite conditions
  • Proportional lift and drive
  • Foam-filled, rough-terrain tires
  • Optional oscillating axle

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Information on the Genie GS4390RT

The Genie GS4390RT is a powerful rough terrain scissor lift that is more than capable of increasing productivity and efficiency at your jobsite. With the ability to traverse uneven and rough conditions thanks in-part to its four-wheel drive system, the Genie GS4390RT also owes its versatility to its positive traction control, allowing it up to 50% gradeability on slopes and inclines. The Genie GS4390RT offers a working height of nearly 50 feet. Thanks to its large and extendable 17 foot platform length and lift capacity of 1,500 pounds, the Genie GS4390RT will have no issues getting your workers and their equipment to the worksite.

Genie GS4390RT Specs

The Genie GS4390RT is powered by either a Ford 4 cylinder 75hp engine or a Deutz 3 cylinder diesel 49hp air cooled engine. Thanks to its heavy duty fold-down guardrails and a removeable rear platform railing, the Genie GS4390RT can fit through much tighter spaces than other scissor lifts in its class, including through many doorways. The Genie GS4390RT is user friendly, with AC power provided to the platform, allowing workers to use their electric tools while raised. Safety is also key, as the Genie GS4390RT has plenty of features to ensure safe functioning, including tilt level sensors with audible alarms.

CanLift’s Genie GS4390RT Scissor Lift

The Genie GS4390RT offers a top speed of 8km/h when stowed and 1.1km/h when raised. With a large 75litre diesel fuel tank, the Genie GS4390RT will have plenty of life to offer in-between refills. Whether you are looking to rent the Genie GS4390RT or are considering purchasing it for your fleet, or just need more info on Genie GS4390RT specs, CanLift will be happy to provide you with the information you need. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you with any and all questions you may have about the Genie GS4390RT or any of our other of our electric scissor lifts, like the XCMG XG4390RT. You can contact CanLift to see if the Genie GS4390RT is right for your jobsite.


GS 4390 RT
Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
12,894 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,500 lbs
Working Height
49 ft
Platform Height
43 ft
Rough Terrain
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
7' 8"


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