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Self-propelled boom lift with a descent alarm, motion/tilt sensor, hydraulic platform rotation and zero tail swing. The Genie Z-34/22N is available in an electric/diesel bi-power design.

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canlift Equipment LLC is an authorized dealer for Genie. Please contact us for new lift equipment purchases or search our inventory for used Genie lifts.


Overview of the Genie Z-34/22N Electric Boom Lift

The Genie Z-34/22N is the big brother to the Z-30/20N, and similar to its sibling, it has the articulating Z-boom for added versatility. With an up-and-over clearance of 15ft and a horizontal reach of 22ft 3in, suddenly even the most inaccessible of objects become easily accessible. Working up to heights of 40 feet and carrying up to 500lbs, the Genie Z-34 really is a versatile machine. The hydraulic platform rotation system moves up to 355 degrees, giving users excellent maneuverability. Zero tail swing, a narrow chassis and a tight turning circle allows users to operate in confined work spaces. The 48V deep cycle, heavy-duty battery pack and on-board alternator powered by a Kubota engine, means the Z-34 will keep going as long as you want it to.

The Versatility of a Genie Z-34/22N Boom Lift

One of the key aspects that makes the Z-34/22N stand out from the crowd is its versatility. Its zero engine emissions, low noise levels, non-marking tires and narrow chassis makes it easy to operate indoors. At the same time, the robust stainless steel frame, self-levelling platform and foam filled tires make working outside on challenging terrain a walk in the park.

CanLift Equipment Ltd – Supplier of the Genie Z-34/22N Electric Lift

CanLift Equipment supplies all kinds of lifting gear – from small indoor lifting devices through to large industrial lifts, including the very popular Genie Z-34/22N Electric Boom Lift. To enquire about this or any other type of lifting equipment, please call us today.


Boom Lift
Operating Weight
11,000 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
40 ft
Platform Height
34 ft
Horizontal Reach
22 ft
Dimension Width
5' 667"
Dimension Height
7' 417"
Dimension Length
13' 417"


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