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The Haulotte 2632-E scissor lift is compact enough to fit through doorways yet features incredible maneuverability and lifting power. It is great option for transporting people and materials in indoor environments up to 32 feet. Buy or lease the 2632-E scissor lift from CanLift.

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Haulotte Compact 2632E Electrical Scissor Lift – Overview

Like all Haulotte scissor lifts the 2632 E offers the user total flexibility to carry out a wide range of tasks. Coupled with a great build quality, this compact but perfectly formed electrical scissor lift is ideal for transporting both people and equipment to a  height of 32 ft and is great for use both inside and out.

Haulotte Electrical Scissor Lift 2632 E – Details

Whether you’re spraying, cleaning or painting large structures, or carrying out intricate electrical work at height, the Haulotte 2632 E electrical scissor lift provides the perfect platform to do it. Giving you over seven and a half feet of space when fully raised it gives you sufficient area to store any equipment you need while working at height. If 7ft 6in isn’t enough then the platform extension provides an extra 3 ft giving you a total of 10ft 6in of stable working space. Although reaching to a height of over 32 ft this particular scissor lift is compact in nature. Folding down to a height of just 7ft 1in, and with a width of only 2 ft 8in, it can easily pass through most standard doorways. Add to this the quiet but powerful 24v electrical engine, non-marking tires and relatively slight turning circle and it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

2632 E Electrical Compact Scissor Lift – Versatile And Practical

Versatility isn’t much good without practicality and with the excellent 2632 E much thought has also gone into the practical side of operations. For instance, removable platform controls allow the operator to co-ordinate many aspects of the lift while fully extended. This includes full driveability! In addition the long battery life provides longer working cycles meaning you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s going to run out of charge half-way through a job.

Rugged and functional yet incredibly versatile, the 2632 E would be the perfect lifting gear to suit a wide variety of businesses.

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2632 E
Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
4,763 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
32 ft
Platform Height
26 ft
Dimension Width
2' 667"
Dimension Height
7' 167"
Dimension Length
8' 167"


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