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The JLG 260 MRT scissor lift is a dual powered lift with a four-foot roll-out deck extension and rugged tires that provide stability up to 35% grades. It has superior performance and reliability in a narrow body, in addition to exclusive accessories.

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JLG 260 MRT Scissor Lift Information

On the job site, days are measured by productivity. The JLG 260MLT scissor lift can stand up to the day’s demands. JLG has what you need so you can put in the most productive day possible. Engine powered boom lifts and scissor lifts can take you higher and further. The JLG 260MRT scissor lift is no exception.

JLG 260 MRT Scissor Lift Performance

With standard four-wheel drive, rugged lug tread tires and 35% gradeability, you’ll be able to keep work moving, on or off the slab. The JLG 260MRT compact scissor lift delivers exceptional mobility thanks to a narrow 69 in. (1.75 m) chassis that gets you into those challenging spots. The JLG 260 MRT also features a spacious work platform with a 4 ft roll-out deck extension keeps everything you need within arm’s reach. Simplified ground control wiring and built-in diagnostics are provided for serviceability.

Whether you’re treading on slab or off, the JLG 260MRT scissor lift provides superior performance and reliability. JLG boom and scissor lifts feature larger work envelopes, dual-rated capacities and reach heights that will let you rise to the challenge.

Benefits of the JLG 260MRT Scissor Lift

Our engine powered scissor lifts deliver exceptional terrain-ability and grade-ability. The JLG 260MRT scissor lift has the capacity to accommodate both workers with JLGs exclusive ‘Workstation in the Sky’ accessories. Give your day’s productivity a major boost upward.

The powerful JLG 260MRT Series lets you work more efficiently on the job, over a wide range of applications, with increased lift capacities and bigger platforms. When you need to finish on time and on budget, put the JLG 260MRT to work for you. The exclusive Mega-Deck platform gets more people and materials up to your work area for optimum productivity. This is critical when you have applications requiring multiple sheets of drywall or siding.

CanLift Equipment Ltd offers a complete line of JLG products in the United States The JLG 260MRT is in stock, and available for sales with immediate delivery.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
7,360 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,250 lbs
Working Height
26 ft
Platform Height
20 ft
Dimension Width
5' 75"
Dimension Height
7' 833"
Dimension Length
8' 75"


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