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The JLG 3246-ES scissor lift is compact yet is robust enough for difficult jobs. It has a working height of over 30 feet and a large platform with a 4-foot extension, in addition to an extended battery life.

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The JLG 3246ES Electric Lift: Multifunctional Excellence

The 3246ES scissor lift from JLG combines the best of both worlds: A machine that’s compact enough to carry out tasks in confined or difficult to reach areas, yet robust and powerful enough to deliver results in the most demanding of environments. With double duty cycles providing double the charge time, this electric lift is equally at home both outdoors and indoors. With a safe working height of over 31 feet and a platform area of 8ft 2in x 3ft 8in, it isn’t hard to see why it’s a popular choice.

The Extended Battery Life of the 3246ES Scissor Lift from JLG – An Investment

When you are carrying out an important task where time is money, the last thing you may need is an unscheduled break so your lifting gear can re-charge. The 3246ES houses four 6v 220 amp batteries, meaning that once it’s fully charged, your 3246ES offers double the operating time of other brands.

Reliability is Key with the JLG 3246 ES Scissor Lift

In addition to extended battery life, another aspect that makes this scissor lift a popular choice is its simplicity. Using electric drive, and just four hydraulic hoses and two hydraulic fittings on the entire machine, it’s likely to be far more reliable than other brands. In the unusual circumstance that your machine does develop a fault, easy access to integrated component parts makes for an easy fix. With onboard diagnostics, state of charge LED’s, tilt alarm sensors and automatic traction control, the safety features of the 3246 ES Scissor Lift from JLG also go above and beyond.

JLG 3246ES Scissor Lift for Sale

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Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
4,779 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,000 lbs
Working Height
31 ft
Platform Height
25 ft
Dimension Width
3' 667"
Dimension Height
6' 417"
Dimension Length
8' 167"


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