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Up and over access, greater productivity with longer duty cycles, zero emissions, automated traction control

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E400 AJP Electric Boom from CanLift Equipment Ltd

The E400 AJP from maker JLG is driven by battery power and is capable of operating at heights of up to 40 feet. It features up-and-over access to areas that are otherwise impossible to reach. Uneven surfaces aren’t a problem with automated traction control, meaning it can be used in areas that are less than ideal. Zero emissions, low noise levels, and non-marking tires make the JLG E400 AJP ideal for use in clean indoor environments.

E400 AJP Boom Lift Features

The JLG E400 AJP comes with many features including a 2ft 6in x 5ft platform to allow the transport of materials and people up to work areas. Zero tail-swing means you can operate in tighter spaces. Eight 6v 370 amp-hr batteries complete with fast-charging capability allows for longer use, and longer duty cycles ensure you don’t have to recharge halfway through a task. The E400 can also operate on gradients up to 30%.

JLG E400 AJP Electric Boom Lift Areas of Use

The JLG E400 is ideal for use in large warehouses or buildings where elevated work is key, particularly in hard to reach places where scissor lifts may be unable to access. Construction, building, maintenance, and repair companies can all benefit greatly from the E400 AJP Boom Lift from JLG. CanLift Equipment Ltd specializes in providing lifting equipment and component parts to businesses, and as such, are leading experts in the field. Contact us today to see how we can help.


E400 AJP
Boom Lift
Operating Weight
13,700 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
40 ft
Platform Height
34 ft
Horizontal Reach
22 ft
Dimension Width
5' 75"
Dimension Height
6' 583"
Dimension Length
22 ft


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