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The MEC 3391ES scissor lift from CanLift Equipment is a reliable and powerful lift that is easy to maintain. This rough-terrain scissor lift has a 12-inch ground clearance and can lift up to 1,500 pounds to 39 feet.

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Model MEC 3391ES Electric Scissor Lifts from CanLift

Heights of up to 39 feet are easily accessible from the 3391ES platform, which is capable of sustaining a weight of up to 1,500 pounds. Workers are able to easily maneuver all types of tools and equipment along the width of an expansive and extendable non-skid deck. Zero maintenance scissor bearings and easily accessed maintenance components make the MEC 3391ES Scissor Lift a reliable machine that endures beyond common expectations.

Features of the MEC 3391ES Scissor Lifts from CanLift

The MEC 3391ES Scissor Lift is supported by a powerful combination of eight 6-volt industrial, deep-cycle batteries and the included Quad-Trax™ 4wd power package. Its rear axle oscillates with an impressive 12-inch ground clearance, allowing for superior maneuverability and control. Automatic leveling of the platform is conveniently accessed with a one-touch command for outrigger support and enhanced stability.

MEC 3391ES Scissor Lift from CanLift Equipment Ltd: Reliability and Unsurpassed Utility

CanLift Equipment Ltd is proud to provide our customers with industrial grade MEC scissor lifts, boom lifts and sigma lifts, along with maintenance and repair services for all of our products. The MEC 3391ES Scissor Lift is one of the most popular machines sold, as it provides users with an invaluable combination of convenience, reliability and a history of low maintenance. It is commonly used on construction sites, maintenance areas and in repair scenarios in which space is limited and the terrain is unfavorable. The MEC 3391ES Scissor Lift is a crucial component of any successful equipment fleet, particularly when stability and reliability are necessary aspects of the job at hand.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
9,300 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,500 lbs
Working Height
39 ft
Platform Height
33 ft
Dimension Width
91 ft
Dimension Height
79 ft
Dimension Length
144 ft


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