Skyjack SJ 8841 Scissor Lift

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More Information on the SJ 8841

The last member in the huge family of Skyjack scissor lifts, CanLift Equipment Ltd also carries the heavy duty full sized Skyjack SJ 8841 scissor lift rough terrain lift. With a maximum platform height of a towering 47 feet and a platform weight of 1700 pounds, the Skyjack SJ 8841 is drivable at full height and runs on a 28 horsepower Kubota diesel engine.

The Skyjack SJ8841 scissor lift is more than capable in assisting with even the toughest project and consistently delivers reliability and peace of mind under challenging working conditions.

The Skyjack SJ 8841 scissor lift also comes equipped with Skyjacks exclusive axle based 4WD system which features a “Detroit Locker” type rear differential and limited slip front differential for unmatched terrain control.

Consistent with Skyjacks robust and reliable design features.


SJ 8841
Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
11,260 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,500 lbs
Working Height
47 ft
Platform Height
41 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
7' 25"
Dimension Height
8' 5"
Dimension Length
11' 5"


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