Replacing aging heavy equipment with new machines is costly – and often completely unnecessary. With total equipment reconditioning services from CanLift, your fleet can be safely and efficiently maintained with minimal expense. We have fully equipped heavy equipment restoration facilities including a 60’ x 35’ sandblasting booth and a 50’ x 35’ heavy machinery painting booth.

Whether it’s a minor forklift refurbishment or major excavator restoration, CanLift can ensure your equipment looks and runs like new, no matter how many working hours it has. Maximize your return on investment by considering equipment refurbishment for your forklift, excavator, backhoe, telehandler, or boom lift equipment fleet – just to name a few.


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Why Heavy Equipment Reconditioning?

There are numerous advantages to equipment refurbishment, including increased performance and productivity of the machine, extended lifespan and a newer appearance.

This will usually result in several benefits for your company overall:

  • Lowered operating costs & increased return on investment
  • Increased asset life and resale values
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved brand/company image
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings

When To Consider Equipment Reconditioning

Generally, equipment that has reached 10,000 hours of normal use – on average between 5-7 years – should be considered for some level of reconditioning. Machines 10 years or older are usually prime candidates for refurbishment.

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