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The SkyJack SJ 4832 scissor lift is a highly mobile lift with non-marking tires, pothole protection and two sturdy swing-out trays. Contact CanLift to lease or buy the SkyJack SJ 4832 scissor lift.

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Canlift Equipment Ltd. is an authorized dealer for Skyjack. Please contact us for new lift equipment purchases or search our inventory for used Skyjack lifts.


More Information on the SJ 4832

CanLift Equipment Ltd is happy to stock the Skyjack model SJ 4832 scissor lift.  The SJ4832 series is designed to transport and raise personnel, tools and materialize to overhead work areas.
The Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lift is a highly mobile, transportable work station, however lifting and driving must be on a flat, compacted work area in order to be operated safely.

The work platform of the Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lift consists of 3 major assemblies.  The platform, lifting mechanism and the base of the machine housing the operator control box.  The Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lift sports a platform built from a tubular support frame, skid resistant deck surface and railings as high as 43 ½ inches.   The platform on the Skyjack SJ 4832 can be accessed through an entry chain or optional returned spring gate with latch.

The base of the Skyjack SJ4832 is a rigid one piece support column supporting two sturdy swing-out trays.    The Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lift is capable of rotating while lifting, and provides pothole protection for elevated driving.

This model scissor lift features 4 and 6 volt batteries with a front axle that supports dual ‘non-driven’ wheels.  The Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lift is agile and highly maneuverable sporting a rear axle that is motor driven with two hydraulic motor driven wheels.

The Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lifts are sold in ‘ready’ condition when possible by CanLift Equipment LLc,  and inspection before you buy is not only welcomed, but also encouraged.  We would strongly urge that you inspect the Skyjack SJ4832 scissor lift before purchase.  CanLift Equipment Ltd offers a complete line of Skyjack scissor lifts in the US
This model Skyjack scissor lift is also ‘Engineer Certified’ and delivered with easy shipping anywhere in the United States. The Skyjack SJ 4832 scissor lift also comes with a 30 day warranty and is in stock for immediate delivery.



SJ 4832
Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
5,590 lbs
Lift Capacity
700 lbs
Working Height
38 ft
Platform Height
32 ft
Dimension Width
4 ft
Dimension Height
7' 667"
Dimension Length
7' 667"


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